I am shooting again

 loftisphoto    30 Dec 2017 : 19:00

I have picked up my camera again

I have picked up the camera again. Over 2018, I hope to build a portfolio of artwork and music photographs. This will be more of a hobby than a business. I have no idea where I am going with photography. My interests are mostly playing music these days.

Bluz Jam

 loftisphoto    11 Jan 2018 : 20:12
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Remember the Wednesday Bluz jams?

Bluz was an amazing place.  From June 2009 to June 2010, every Wednesday night, incredibly talented local musicians from Destin, South Walton and visitors from across the country would get together and make some amazing music.  I attended almost all of those blues jams on Stage 13 at Bluz in Destin and photographed most of the musicians that took the stage. I even made a set of three posters containing business card size photos of those musicians. Last week, I discovered that I still have a few of these posters.  If you were one of those musicians and would like a set, please contact me.  We'll figure out a way for me to get them to you.






A Special Place

 loftisphoto    11 Jan 2018 : 19:32
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Artwork at A Special Place

I took some of my art photos and notecards to a little shop in Navarre.  It's called "A Special Place" and is located on Hwy 87 just north of Hwy 98. They have a lot of cool items, most of which are Navarre or beach related. There is also a section with some dog related items.  Here are two of mine that you will find there.  Check out A Special Place on facebook: www.facebook.com/aspecialplace.navarre/

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